DH performed at a high level in the all important Michigan games...

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By Brutus on 17:25:25 01/24/23
[In reply to "Ready for a simplified playbook completing 6 passes? Sure (m)" by Barrett777, posted at 15:19:13 01/24/23]

...including being READY to step in and play and help win the game in AA in 2017 when he obviously...was...not...ready.

: As the starter with an opponent having a full week to gameplan and scheme? Dwayne never showed that ability including in the 2017 SCum game.

: Many forget that SCum scored 20 points by middle of the 3rd, but then were shutout the rest of the way. OSU scored 14 points in the first half with JTB playing with a very injured knee. A healthy knee and that game is not close.

: OSU outrushed SCum 226 yards to 100 in that 2017 game. OSU dominated in the trenches. No team in The Game has lost this century when rushing for more yards than the opponent. Rushing for over 200 yards is a near gimme win.

: Every practice play, and game play is watched and graded. Urban saw Dwayne the entire 2017. Fans got to see Dwayne's approach more once he went to the NFL. Do you think that approach is going to earn PT from Urban? Dwayne passed for 4 total TDs in 2017 and ran for 0. Dwayne threw a pick 6 versus UNLV, fumbled and had it run back for a TD versus Illinois, and fumbled deep in Maryland territory leading to a 3rd TD given up on his TO's in limited play. No, he was not ready to lead and be the starter in 2017 unless the goal was several more losses.

: Burrow was very, very close to JTB. So was every other QB on the roster at the time. Dwayne was not. Joe was EASILY the #2 QB for a reason until he broke his hand, and he has admitted there was still a good gap between he and JTB in 2017 broken hand or not. He felt he was the better QB between he and Dwayne in 2018, but instead of crying and making a big deal about it he left to get a chance to start at LSU. Many found it strange at the time, but there was a reason that JTB and Collier went to some LSU games and wore Joe's LSU jersey. The three of them were tight. If Joe had not broke his hand OSU history would have been different. It is what it is now. Mostly all good.

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