Would start the same 5 as Iowa game. Like Gayle and Ice starting with McNeil and Sueing off bench (m)

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By Barrett777 on 18:45:07 01/24/23
[In reply to "Starting tonight and going forward, who is your starting 5? *" by DaytonBuck, posted at 17:25:31 01/24/23]

McNeil and Sueing were playing too many minutes. McNeil gives good effort, but not a great defender. Sueing’s effort is very hit and miss, and liked his energy more coming off the bench and reduced minutes.

When Ice missed time it gave Sensabaugh the ability to start and play major minutes. He became a force within a few games. His emergence is delayed some of Ice never left.

Gayle was recovering from injury over the summer and has been in catch up mode. He responded big time getting the start and increased PT. Great chance he is a difference maker the more PT he gets now. Higher ceiling than McNeil or Sueing.

Ice reemergence is great for Bruce. He was playing the most minutes per game, and had most of the ball handling responsibilities every game. Got injured and wore down. Ice back and emerging as a difference maker is huge for Bruce.

Key, Ice, Sensabaugh, Gayle and Bruce would be my starters. Sueing and McNeil subs for Bruce and Gayle after 5 minutes. Bruce, Felix, and Tanner then coming in for Ice, Zed, and Brice around 12 minute mark.

Go with the lineup and players that are clicking from there.

For this team to go far in the tournament the freshmen have to become difference makers. They have higher ceilings. Ice has stepped up on both ends snd needs more PT than Sueing or McNeil. Those two have to bring energy and experience when in. Same with Zed.

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