For sure. Both teams played lights out overall. Two outstanding teams that shot and played great. The Sueing pass (m)

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By Barrett777 on 15:49:00 02/21/21
[In reply to "Kind of a testament to how well TTUN played , no? We win like that a lot...2 guys take the game off and everyone else " by Old Trackster, posted at 15:35:42 02/21/21]

was humongous when it happened. OSU had the ball down 3 with just under 3 minutes left, and that terrible TO gave them 3 points and essentially an insurmountable 6 point lead as it turned out.

Hate picking on a player when they give their all like Sueing did, but a lazy, stupid around the back pass that even if caught by EJ would not have furthered his position at all. Mind blowing that he tried that.

The one thing some might not realize is when you get really gassed the brain is more prone for a big brain fart. Musa vs PSU on the OOB play was an example. Jr High fundamentals and D to stay between your man and the ball. Musa played way more than he had in some time and clearly was gassed. Sueing played 35 minutes today, and was gassed. Musa being out really hurt since Sueing would have been given more breathers. Have to think that pass was one of those brain fat moments from being super gassed. Still inexcusable, but so was Musa' defensive lapse vs PSU. It happens.

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