As bad as that play was it was not what did us in. Giving up so many O rebounds 2 cd half was killer.

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By Nickbuck on 15:58:59 02/21/21
[In reply to "The play was incredulous. Simple fake pass, and then step around with a basic wrap-around pass would have been basic (m)" by Barrett777, posted at 15:54:58 02/21/21]

UM finally missed 3s and we could not clean glass.

: An around the back pass to EJ that would have drawn him further from the basket even if caught was simply unbelievable at this level.

: Said it in a different post, and not to fully excuse Sueing but him playing 35 minutes in a game like this tells me he was gassed. On top of it he is dinged up.

: Not sure you saw Masa's similar complete brain dead defensive lapse versus PSU when he was on the opposite side of his player on D and allowed an easy OOB sideline pass to be made for a layup. Musa was not used to playing that many minutes and I think similarly it led to him making a really stupid play.

: The Sueing play was similar to TP versus PSU in football in 2008 when he put the ball on the turf inexplicably and gave PSU the ball in position to score the go ahead points.

: Crazy dumb play at a crucial time in the game that changed everything.

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