Rebounds were huge but OSU was only -4 for the game. That is a Jr high pass for Sueing (m)

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By Barrett777 on 16:14:53 02/21/21
[In reply to "We get the D rebounds are we are up 1 or 2. Also they out scored us 10-0 fast break " by Nickbuck, posted at 16:05:57 02/21/21]

It was just flat out lazy and dumb.

Saying SCum got the slight edge on rebounding was not unexpected. Ended up 30-26.

Having a player with the experience Sueing has make a ridiculous pass like that especially at that point of a game is inexplicable.

3 point game to 6 points at the snap of the fingers. OSU had a chance to tie with just under 3 minutes and the pass and then the dumb foul put OSU down 6.

You are also talking fast break points, and that TO was 3 of the easy points for SCum.

It is true no single play cost OSU the game since there were a lot of things that went into the outcome, but unforced errors like that that was equivalent to anywhere from a 3 to 6 point swing are humongous.

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