Worst rated D in KenPom top 25. Not having Musa really hurt today. Luther leaving also hurt (m)

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By Barrett777 on 21:09:27 02/21/21
[In reply to "For all the analytics guys out there looks like Ken Pom has our D efficiency at 86 " by Nickbuck, posted at 18:57:17 02/21/21]

With Musa out OSU did not have a single really good perimeter on-ball defender. This was the kind of game Luther would have played important role.

It was great offense by both teams, but at same time each opposing D got continually gouged. SCum’s D was also exposed. First time they played a top 25 Offense.

For all the love shown to Dickinson on this board, he got exposed in space by OSU. SCum’s guards also got exposed on D by DW and CJ.

This can be a good L, if OSU uses it to get better. Focus has to be on D. Every single player. OSU has been living in the edge with the D, but got burnt today Nd not able to overcome. Lots of little things to clean up.

Would like to see Holt mix in some Zone. No problem with the man to man being dominant D, but have to use something else like a match-up 3-2, or some sort of 2-3 for a different look, to hide a few if the weaker perimeter D players, and to buy minutes if in foul trouble.

OSU’s Offense is good enough to win the B1G and NCAA, its Defense is not right now.

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