Depends on the draw/opponents...

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By Brutus on 04:50:04 02/22/21
[In reply to "Reading the whole board, a sweet 16 berth would be great for a team without an NBA player on the roster #truth.... *" by DaBuckBoys, posted at 19:57:51 02/21/21]

...I believe the team has been playing above it's talent level during this recent run. It wasn't long ago they were blowing a couple leads very late against meh opponents. So this team is both the highs of recent play and some of the lows from earlier.

Overall college basketball is doo doo and a number of teams with the NBA talent you speak of don't appear likely to make the tourney. Aka NBA talent is not everything.

Team has FF potential but it shouldn't be a disappointment if they don't get there. Avoid an embarrassing loss in the first couple rounds and that'd be good. Win the S16 game and it's all gravy.

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