Recruiting miss on a functional big. Not sure what giving a schol to Diallo was for (maybe he's training with Lew

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By Buckmich on 06:29:26 02/22/21
[In reply to "Are there underlying reasons OSU doesn’t have a big? CH offense, coaching/development? *" by VarsityO, posted at 06:16:19 02/22/21]

:Alcindor somewhere since he's not participating on the team).:)
It may be that the coaching staff doesn't have someone that coaches bigs effectively & that's being used against us.

:Hopefully, the staff can secure one of the few remaining bigs for next year of find someone in the portal (ala Trevor Thompson).

:A few on here think you can win with just wing players. That's ok when you are playing teams with similar rosters but the losses this year have been to teams with 2 or more 6'10" or greater bigs.

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