you didn't just name elite 3s you named some of the best to ever play here.we needed someone who could

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By Nickbuck on 08:44:27 02/22/21
[In reply to "My point was an elite 3 does more for this team than elite 5 (m)" by Barrett777, posted at 08:34:19 02/22/21]

slow down their 2 bigs one on one. we just dont have that player on this roster right now. No shame in it very few teams do

: EJ gets mismatches on Offense when slower 5’s try to guard in perimeter. Worse case is a trade-off like EJ/Dickinson yesterday. Move EJ to the 4 it presents him with less mismatch advantages for his current skill set.

: A player of the caliber of Livers would be a difference maker. He is not an AA, but a very good well rounded 6’7” 3. Stretches the D, can drive, rebounds, and plays great D on perimeter.

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