Dickinson a liability on D versus EJ outside. Oden was liability versus Xavier bigs who were mobile & shoot 3’s (m)

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By Barrett777 on 09:28:00 02/22/21
[In reply to "An elite 3 or a 5 and yesterday is a win. What would Dickson have done offensively against Greg Oden?" by Poisonut, posted at 08:49:52 02/22/21]

The game has changed with the high ball screens and bugs that can shoot 3’s. Your big to be truly dominant needs to be able to guard the perimeter and also shoot 3’s. Very few of those around.

Dickinson got a fair amount of points off of offensive outbacks due to ISU getting beat on the perimeter, then whoever was guarding Dickinson helped off leaving him open for the dish or outback. Same thing happens with an Oden or rim protector. Two on one situations. Dickinson did not Jabbar OSU where they just fed the Post and OSU could not stop it.

Better production at the 3 or 4 yesterday is a win.

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