I would take KK before Oden for this matchup. Xavier put him on skates and nearly upset OSU. KK would fit (m)

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By Barrett777 on 10:58:24 02/22/21
[In reply to "I counter with give me Greg Oden and we also win. Give me Kousta Koufus, we win. *" by Moebuck, posted at 10:33:14 02/22/21]

This team is better with the high ball screens, and ability to shoot 3’s. Dorn would clog the paint. He would add, but also take away.

George Reese or DeShaun Thomas at the 4 would have led to easy win as well. Would be a great combo with EJ.

EJ was at least the match for Dickinson yesterday. Dickinson cannot guard in space, and also not a very good outside shooter. SCum has Livers and Wagner who add length on D to rebound, but great 3 point shooters that open up a D. The major difference SCum has us at the 3 and 4 positions, not at the pure 5 or post position.

OSU could win a NC if they added a George Reese (senior version), DeShaun Thomas (junior version), KK if he was really bought in to win as a team and not play to improve draft status as a frosh, or a Livers equivalent talent at the 3 position. Would not need an AA at the 3, but a player that is multi-dimensional with experience who can shoot, play D and rebound. Sueing is close to that. Just a bad game yesterday. He will bounce back. He did not olay in games like that at Cal. Just improve on 2 or 3 little things and it would make a difference in a tight game versus in elite team.

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