lol live in your little fantasy trade this guy for that guy world. If you cant see that the first half

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By Nickbuck on 11:14:16 02/22/21
[In reply to "Who had mire points and rebounds between EJ and Dickinson? Which team shot higher percent from 3? (M)" by Barrett777, posted at 11:09:01 02/22/21]

they got wide open 3s because we had to double then 2cd half we didn't double their big killed it then i cant have this conversation

just stop in the second half their big got what he wanted thats what good teams do they take the open 3s off doubles then they pound it inside.All the trade this guy for that guy stuff you are talking in BS

if you think EJ fits into their D better than the 7'2" dude than whatever. And thats not taking away from EJ just what any sane basketball person sees

: Which team has more players that can beat a defender off the dribble?

: Which team has fewer good in ball defenders on the perimeter?

: Answer those questions accurately and you would agree EJ and Dickinson swap would have made SCum win by more. EJ is more multi-dimensional than Dickinson is.

: Dickinson would make OSU’s weak D even worse because they already struggle vs athletic teams that can drive and shoot. Dickinson being forced to defend high ball screens with OSU’s weak on ball defense makes the situation worse. Dickinson is not Oden as a rim protector. Have to be at that level to compensate for what else he gives up versus an EJ type player.

: Put EJ with Livers, Wagner, and the rest of their guards and you have players at every position that can play O and D inside and out, all 5 players can shoot the 3, and can attack at every position.

: Nova won a few NC’s without traditional big. UNLV won NC without traditional big.

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