Agree 100%, and get Musa back healthy and see more O from him like PSU game (m)

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By Barrett777 on 11:26:05 02/22/21
[In reply to "Sueing is the X factor for me for a national championship run. He has to be good to great. *" by Moebuck, posted at 11:14:12 02/22/21]

I think Justin’s PT is going to become more limited. He does not add enough as stand still 3 point shooter to make up for all the other areas. There will he spots he is needed and certain matchups where he will be invaluable, but scouting reports are clear to give no help when guarding him and attack him on perimeter.

Sueing has to rise to the moment like Sermon did in football. Now is the time. That lazy stupid pass at the end should put a fire under his behind that every single play could be the difference if winning or losing. He has shown flashes he can be what you ask for. Need consistency, and the fire in the belly though.

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