They beat OSU on the perimeter either way by giving up open 3's, or getting beat off the dribble if D extends (m)

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By Barrett777 on 11:52:43 02/22/21
[In reply to "lol live in your little fantasy trade this guy for that guy world. If you cant see that the first half " by Nickbuck, posted at 11:14:16 02/22/21]

This was not new to the Scum game. OSU has struggled versus teams like PSU with their 4 athletes on the perimeter who can shot and drive. Harrar is not a great Center, but is god enough to hurt OSU with the mismatches on the perimeter.

OSU beat Iowa and Illinois with their more talented Centers. EJ was big in all of those games on Offense for the same reason he was versus Dickinson. Garza and Cockburn also cannot defend EJ on the perimeter.

The difference with SCum versus Illinois and Iowa is the SCum 3 and 4 positions are better. Wagner and Livers present problems because they can drive, shoot 3;s extremely well, post up smaller players, and create off the dribble drive for opponents.

Dickinson had 2 Assists. EJ had 3 Assists. So tell me how Dickinson was creating open 3's by so many double teams given the low number of Dickinson Assists?

Livers and Wagner both had 4 Assists. Huge deal when Seeing and Ahrens had 0 Assists combined.

OSU got nothing from the 50 minutes between Sueing and Ahrens and it was a 15 to 20 point difference in this game at their position/s. Wagner and Livers had complete floor games. How you miss these obvious things are funny.

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