A huge positive from yday is OSU's Offense was outstanding. Destroyed SCum's previously thought invincible defense (m)

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By Barrett777 on 12:20:42 02/22/21

SCum dropped from near the top in KenPom's D ratings all the way down to 11 after the game as a result.

OSU shot 53% from the floor, 50% from 3, and 92% from the FT line. Flat out exceptional shooting and scoring versus one of the top defenses in the nation. OSU presented a lot of matchup problems for SCum when they were on D. Dickinson's inability to guard on the perimeter will be a problem when they also play teams like Zaga who have posts who can play inside and out.

Previous best numbers put up versus Scum D:

* Maryland 48.3% FG; OSU was 53.3% (only 6 previous opponents shot 40% from the floor)

* Maryland 59% from 3FG om 13-22; OSU was 11-22 for 50%, and second best 3FG shooting percentage all year versus SCum. Should be pointed out Maryland with smaller lineup with everyone who could shoot also caused SCum difficulties guarding the 3.

* 75 points is most in B1G play put up by Minny when they beat SCum 75-57; OSU scored 87.

The Over/Under yesterday was 143. The two teams combined to score 179 blowing well past the Vegas O/U number. It was a combination of great shooting and Offense by both, matchups on both sides that presented issues for the opposing D, and a game where both teams really brought it.

The trio of DW, EJ, and CJ were simply incredible. It took some off games by others to lose that game yesterday. A bit more help and it could have been a comfortable win given the crazy good performances.

The trio scored 68 points, made 25-42 FG's for 60%, 9-17 3's for 53%, 9-10 FT's for 90%, had 9 of the 11 team assists showing they created most of the offense for the team when not scoring, and had 14 of the 26 Rebounds. they played a combined 93 minutes.

The rest of the team in 107 of the 200 minutes scored 19 points, made 7-18 FG's for 39%, 2-5 from 3 for 40%, 3-3 FT shooting for 100%, had only 2 Assists, and grabbed 12 of the 26 rebounds.

A better performance from the rest of the team outside of DW, EJ, and CJ could have led to OSU surpassing 100 points in regulation versus a top team which is insane.

This team is really close. Have to get more consistency from everyone as the season winds towards MM. That, and much better perimeter D.

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