They have a 13 point win over #5 Illinois, 15 point win over #7 Okie, 14 pts over #14 @Texas, 8 points over #17 Kan (m)

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By Barrett777 on 12:30:32 02/22/21
[In reply to "Ridiculous that Baylor gets to stay at #2. Resume is weak. Dodged most of their tough games" by cincybucksfan, posted at 12:01:53 02/22/21]

and 8 points over #18 @Texas Tech.

Beat 5 current AP top 20 teams and no opponent has been within 8 points.

SCum has beat one current top 20 team in OSU.

OSU is the one team that has played all of their games to their credit. Zaga, Scum, and Baylor all got breathers at some point or another. OSU is also pretty beat up now as a result.

Baylor is closer to being #1 IMO than #3 behind SCum. SCum as a bad blowout loss @Minny by 18 points.

Still lots of basketball left though for teams to move up or down.

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