Thank you and spot on. Justin'a athleticism is limiting him in several areas including ability to get more 3's (m)

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By Barrett777 on 12:40:13 02/22/21
[In reply to "not great at the really quick turn and shoot off the screens. excellent if getting the ball in rythym off a scramble..." by Brutus, posted at 12:26:33 02/22/21]

Many posters keep asking why do they not run more plays for Justin to get 3's? Multiple answers to that question.

First off you cans only have so many set plays, and once opponents spot it on film they have scouted in well and opposing teams jump on them. You might get one here or there off of a new set play, but that is not the real issue.

The bigger issue is Justin is not quick enough to shake defenders even when coming off of screens, and then athletically being able to locate the basket and square up all in one motion as he goes up to shoot like one has seen with a Ray Allen, Rip Hamilton, Kobe Bryant type of player.

Justin is much more a standstill jump shooter who needs to square up and set his feet in a methodical order. He has added a fake 3, one or two dribbles to the side and reset for the open 3. That is different than coming hard on full sprints off of screens and spinning to find the basket quickly.

Diebler was more athletic than Justin, and why he also could come off of screens and reposition for quick shots. Diebs was better on shooting some 2's, getting to the FT at least a little bit, and was a bit better on D. Did was a fabulous HS player who created off of the dribble and scored from everywhere. Could not do all of that at the Big Ten level, but had a lot more rounded game than Justin overall.

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