Needs to get stronger through contact, and improve his D a lot to make that jump. He has made great strides though (m)

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By Barrett777 on 12:58:45 02/22/21
[In reply to "Duane has good NBA scouting tape. Quick, get to lane, make the floater, kiss high off glass, make FTs + knock down shots *" by Ivo Shandor, posted at 12:52:12 02/22/21]

and is working his behind off.

Love how much this team has improved individually and as a team. The loss was painful, but hopefully it is a good level-set to inspire more improvement at every position.

Little things can make a big difference in a tight ball game versus a fellow elite.

OSU had a string of 3 costly TO's. Then the one possession where SCum got four shots off. They win majority of loose balls. Need all 5 players selling out to get loose balls and rebounds.

Biggest area of improvement is on defense. Need Musa back. Need Eugene Brown to grow up quickly. He might be able to give an extra 5 minutes of sell out D. He lost Brooks at the End of the First half yesterday. Cannot do that if he wants more PT down the road this year. He has the length and athleticism to do it.

Duane is the leader of this team. Love seeing him step up like yesterday when they needed him.

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