+/- leaders and laggers yesterday. Chaundee Brown in 22 minutes led both teams with +14. Eugene Brown was -10 (m)

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By Barrett777 on 13:25:31 02/22/21

in only 2:38 of PT to led the biggest laggards. Not all Eugene's fault for sure because things happen sometimes outside of anything you do or do not do. That said, I know it was Eugene who had switched up on Brooks and got beat right at the First Half buzzer.

Would have guessed Chaundee Brown as the top +/- player in the game. but would not have guessed in Eugene's 2:38 of playing that SCum had a 10 point advantage.

Sueing had the 2nd worst +/- at -8.

Brandon Johns also off the bench had the second best number for Scum at +12 with Dickinson 3rd best having a +10.

OSU was led by DW with a +3. Only other plus players for the game were Meechie in 2:42 at +3, and Zed Key with a +2 during 11 minutes of PT.

As I mentioned in a thread after the PSU game, this +/- number is more meaningful over a number of games rather than a single game since you could be in when your teammates are playing great or poorly.

I will take a look at longer stretches and recent trends to see what sticks out.

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