Of course it bothered OSU. Did he say it cost OSU the game? EJ bothered Dickinson and their D. (m)

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By Barrett777 on 13:37:48 02/22/21
[In reply to "From coach Holtmann after game On UM size “Dickinson is really great player " by Nickbuck, posted at 13:15:29 02/22/21]

EJ had more points, Rebounds, and Assists compared to Dickinson.

If Howard is asked about how they covered EJ, the response would be, "yes, we have to do a much better job guarding bigs who are mobile and can shoot outside like EJ did"

Those two cancelled each other out production wide.

OSU won the 1 and 2 production.

SCum won the 3 and 4 production larger than OSU won the Guard production.

Of course OSU has to guard Bigs better. Of course OSU has to guard athletic perimeter players who can also shoot the 3 better. Been a constant problem.

OSU beat Iowa with Garza who is a much better player than Dickinson. What is the difference? Iowa does not have the athleticism on the perimeter that Scum has. OSU also beat Illinois with Cockburn who is at least as good. Illinois does not have as many athletic long shooters like Scum has.

Here are things Coach Holt also said:

“There’s no question we did some really good things but a couple of our errors throughout the game were too much to overcome. Our margin for error defensively is small and our attention to detail has to be really really good.”

He had no issue with their attack offensively, they played well offensively, took what was there, and made plays. Michigan was smothering Justin Ahrens, they were physical with Kyle Young, and a couple of other guys had off nights but he had no issue with their overall offensive attack. “It was the other end that didn’t allow us to win the game.”

"On improving defensively, “we need to get better.”

The D has been an issue for awhile. They came into the game with the lowest rated KenPom D out of the top 20 teams. Biggest issue is perimeter D.

SCum had 5 players in double figures and had their starting 3 and 4 both had 4 Assists each and who rebounded. They proved to be a more well rounded team yesterday.

Musa will make a difference on D. Probably enough of a difference they win yesterday's game.

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