they will need to use some Zone simply because they have few to no (without Musa) on ball perimeter defenders (m)

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By Barrett777 on 13:45:17 02/22/21
[In reply to "They were well prepared for the Double Teams. Would have liked to see some zones to change it up. *" by HithemhardNchowtheyfall, posted at 13:26:43 02/22/21]

CJ with his offense has to play. He is short though, and is at best an average defender for shooter guards. PG's with extreme quickness or some size are a problem.

Duane has a lot of room to get better on D. He has improved some as the season goes on, but uses more energy on O than he does D. He has some height and quickness to be a good defender, but has to be willing to sell out more to get to average and beyond.

Justin Ahrens is a liability on D versus the top teams with athletes on the perimeter. No other way to put it. Teams that set a lot of ball screens can eventually get him on a much quicker shooter and it is pick your poison time. At his size he also does not rebound as much as he could. Has to keep working on his quickness There has been some improvement, but right now not nearly enough.

Sueing is OK on the perimeter as long as his player is not quick, long, with handles who can shoot. Average defender with some ability to muscle up inside.

Kyle Young sells out and can guard inside and out. Not strong enough to guard big strong Post players one on one. Makes up for anything lacking with incredible hustle.

EJ is an enigma on D. He is needed so much on Offense that he has to lay off like Kaleb did to stay out of foul trouble. EJ is having to do so much it does put him in harm's way with fouls. Has potential to be a good defender, but due to picking his spots he in turn is a spotty defender.

All of this adds up to mixing some zone in. They can protect EJ with fouls if needed, and congest the driving lanes, and if done well can guard the perimeter somewhat. The Zone will give up more open 3's at times and offensive rebounds, but given the issues they have to give elite offenses some different looks.

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