Show me where Holt or anyone else said he was why Scum won? Holt's own words said the Defense was the main problem (m)

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By Barrett777 on 13:46:58 02/22/21
[In reply to "Just stop. CH specificity said he caused us problems, he said we have to guard bigs better " by Nickbuck, posted at 13:44:56 02/22/21]

and difference in the game. The team Defense has been a problem for weeks. Nothing new here. At all 5 positions.

Scum hit a crazy amount of outside shots in the First half, and cooled off in the 2nd. Just like PSU did.

Dickinson played a great game. So did EJ. Both presented matchup issues the other team could not handle.

Difference was they have more playmakers than PSU has. Garza is a lot better than Dickinson, but does not have the athletes and players surrounding him like Dickinson does.

Chaundee Brown was a humongous difference in the game. +14 off the bench in 22 minutes. Another 6'4" to 6'7" athletic wing who can shoot the 3, drive, and rebound. OSU has had fits with type player all year long.

Beyond that, I have seen write-ups that Sueing's single play was the difference. It was huge, but it all adds up.

There were lots of differences in the end.

OSU is simply not going to beat a team that scores 92 points. They almost did with 87, but the entire team needs to work on individual and team D. Lowest rated D from any top 25 team, and 2nd worst out of top 40.

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