There was a poster on here who posted Duane could not hold Ron Harper Jr's jock strap (m)

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By Barrett777 on 14:07:04 02/22/21
[In reply to "Raise your hands if you were a Duane Washington basher earlier this season? He took crazy unfair criticism (m)" by Barrett777, posted at 12:48:31 02/22/21]

Not literally, but ragged on Duane pretty hard after OSU beat Rutgers the first time. All sorts of excuses why Duane ended up with more points, and assists.

No matter what stats were provided of what Duane had done in prior games it did not matter. Bash central.

Well, here we now enter the end of the season and Duane is making 38.8% of his 3's versus 31.2% of Harper making 3's, averaging the same number of points, and Duane is averaging 1 Assist more per game.

Far from the only super critic, but it was always way over the top with extreme bias the crap Duane took on this Board.

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