LOL. Calm down. Your blood pressure seems to be peaking. Now to your comments, or more important Holt's comments (m)

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By Barrett777 on 14:28:24 02/22/21
[In reply to "HE SAID WE HAVE TO DO A BETTER JOB DEFENDING BIGS. He didn’t say 2s or 3s" by Nickbuck, posted at 14:13:21 02/22/21]

and the comments of other players as to the "difference in the game":

Coach Holt - "On using this game as a measuring stick, Holtmann said his focus is on areas they can improve and grow and get better at. There are things they can do as coaches to put the players in better situations defensively and that’s his focus. He does think Michigan is good and is deserving of everything that comes their way but his focus is on his team and he knows they are a good team as well. But the focus is on improvement."

I read his comments at some potential Zone in the future as one remedy in addition to getting Musa back who was sorely missed and very possibly the difference in the game.

EJ's comments - On the outlook after this game, Liddell said they didn’t make Michigan miss, they were making a ton of shots. “Giving up that many 3s in the first half and not making them miss is what did it.”

No mention of Dickinson. Of course Dickinson had a big game with 22 points, but their 70% shooting from 3 in the First Half was something they likely will not repeat. They got crazy hot.

DW's comments - On Michigan’s 3-point shooting, he said Michigan had a lot of rhythm 3s. They got rolling in the first half and it was unacceptable giving up 10 3s in the first half. “You can’t win games like that.”

Yep, need to do a much better job with perimeter D. No mention or excuse they had to help off to double Dickinson. Only 2 Assists show he was not forcing doubles and then passing out for open made 3's as the main cause for Scum shooting 70% from 3. Bad perimeter D and Scum getting crazy hot were the two main reasons.

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