This game could be crazy good, or possibly a blowout if one of them is hot and was is not. Do not see both teams (m)

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By Barrett777 on 12:24:27 04/05/21
[In reply to "What is betting line on Gon. -Baylor? *" by JimO, posted at 09:46:46 04/05/21]

both being cold.

Baylor has an athletic edge IMO. They also area lot deeper, and Gonzaga could get a couple of their key players in foul trouble.

The Suggs/Mitchell matchup is one for the ages in a Final. Suggs is so talented, but Mitchell is 3 years older, extremely explosive athlete, and will have something to prove to the youngster on the court.

Up until this weekend I had both getting to the finals with Zaga winning, but starting to feel Baylor has the slight edge with all else equal. Zaga might have the better starting 5, but Baylor has the better top 8. With a crazy pace and the potential for a lot of fouls being called, depth will factor in.

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