Most posters here are mainly avid OSU fball fans. Most admit they are not really into college bball (m)

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By Barrett777 on 14:44:23 04/05/21
[In reply to "Address the content of the post..." by Brutus, posted at 14:27:35 04/05/21]

the way they are with football.

Most are not invested into OSU basketball as a result. Most take the negative angle, and then kinda root to be proven right. If OSU b-ball has great season most here will jump on only until the next big loss.

OSU has not won a b-ball NC in 60 years. Of course those who are passionate about Buckeye basketball want to see a NC again, but there is 10x the parity compared to college football and on top of that OSU is not a blue blood.

Thad left the program culturally in shambles. AAU gone wild.

It took Few and Jay Wright a good bit of time to build the culture and stability of Zaga and Nova. They both did it the right way. Both had scoffers at first over many years. Holt is taking a similar path. It will never be like OSU football where there are only 5 or 10 teams vying for a NC. There are upwards of 40 teams year to year. B1G also is wide open.

OSU fans in general are very entitled and spoiled.

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