And it will come. Been 60 years since OSU won a NC. Every other team ended season with a L (m)

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By Barrett777 on 14:55:00 04/05/21
[In reply to "'more tourney success is expected' - 100% correct *" by Brutus, posted at 14:39:41 04/05/21]

There is first place, and everyone else is a loser.

OSU is moving in a direction to increase their odds of winning it all, rather than declining.

Branham, Thornton, and Roddy Gayle are all big time guards. I do not remember OSU having three recruits like this at Guard over a two year span before. I expect there will be a few more top recruits or transfers added in.

If recruiting was tailing off I could see some of the angst. It is the opposite.

OSU was not going far in this Tourney without Kyle. Should have beat OR, but their time was limited. EJ and Sueing were also not 100%. Losing early in BTT in hindsight would have helped. 1st round, 2nd round, 3rd round.... whatever, when the kids came the same critics would be still bashing.

It was a hate fest on this board when OSU list to UK when Buford missed.going a few extra rounds does not matter. OSU fans are entitled and spoiled due to football.

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