In the defensive back 7 against their weapons? there was a pretty decent gap...

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By Brutus on 15:43:24 04/05/21
[In reply to "A giant gulf? *" by DaytonBuck, posted at 15:29:01 04/05/21]

...having the DL 100% ready would have helped them significantly, though. so maybe it wasn't as bad as it looked.

other gaps were smaller but they added up.

OSU's 2019 team had better pieces than the 2020 team by a decent margin IMO. That the 2020 team overcame so much and beat Clemson like that is a real credit to the 2020 team.

We'll see what Day assembles now that it's more and more his program now. It looks pretty good so far (recruiting rankings are very high but not totally balanced among position groups). but there's decent enough questions that need answers. Not that different that most offseasons but this is the time when the program really becomes his rather than still made up of mainly Urb's guys.

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