it's more a semi-trollish reaction to the commentary on the other side...

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By Brutus on 17:25:02 04/05/21
[In reply to "It's more your backhanded compliments. *" by DaytonBuck, posted at 14:38:14 04/05/21]

...that makes him out to be a coach that has a long list of accomplishments. He's been a head coach for 10 years total and hasn't won his league yet and has been out of the 1st weekend of the NCAA tourney once.

That isn't to say his resume is bad. It's not. a number of 2nd place league finishes and overall good records and competitive teams. But I keep reading about Jay Wright and Mark Few. Wright got off to a real slow start. but in year 4 he made an Elite Eight and tied for 1st in his league. Few had 2 Sweet 16s in his first two years then a run of bad tourneys all while dominating their horrible conference.

Holtmann and OSU hoops going forward? Not sure how this goes. I'm told the recruiting is getting better but it doesn't seem to be hugely better on the surface. so it could be more of the same with a little more NCAA tourney success. That'd be great. But that tourney success is unquestionably the missing piece at this point. Losing a 2/15 game on top of an already meh tourney resume is no bueno.

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