if Ewers signs I'd put the odds of 2 of the 4 QBs transferring out at 99%...

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By Brutus on 09:38:30 04/06/21
[In reply to "So what is the word right now on OSU QB pecking order? Every Ryan Day interview seems to be high level on QB's (m)" by Barrett777, posted at 09:00:55 04/06/21]

...maybe one of the 4 wants to stick around and be OSU's version of Mac Jones (hang out, develop, get a chance as an upperclassman somehow and show out). But it seems pretty clear that the non-winner of Stroud vs Miller would be likely to leave. and if McCord shows up and is the goods and Ewers is behind him then maybe even the Stroud/Miller winner ends up leaving. And if not at Stroud/McCord are sick and stay 1-2 and Ewers can't crack the top 2 then he'll of oourse have options galore.

The main thing is that whoever wins the competition...that he be a legit guy. The next great one. Given the competition...GREAT should emerge and Ohio State should be the benefactor even if very good or even great also leave.

: Have not seen anything where he is tipping his hand. Have a weird feeling the QB derby will go into the Fall, and very possibly into the early games.

: Could we be headed to dueling QB's during the season, and whoever is in the game looking over their shoulders?

: Next year could be even crazier once once ewers shows up. Would give it 50/50 odds that at least two of the OSU QB's will hit the portal in the next 3 years.

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