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By Ivo Shandor on 09:49:04 04/06/21
[In reply to "My favorite memories of Barry" by Mr. Ed, posted at 08:06:46 04/06/21]

: I had three encounters with Barry that I will never forget.

: The first occurred at the B1G media days the year the NCAA was considering allowing scholarhip athletes to hold jobs. I was sitting in the hotel lobby and Barry came in and took the seat next to me. I saw that he was reading a newspaper article on that topic and I asked him what he thought, suggesting it was only fair that players could have a job just like other students. Barry laughed. He said sure, that's fair, and by coincidence my quarterback will probably get a job selling Cadilacs and will unexpectedly be a great salesman and sell at least five a week to prominent alums who will then trade them back in because they don't really need them but my quarterback will collect the commissions. And my linemen will all get jobs as bell hops at hotels and just as coincidently very wealthy alums will check into that hotel and tip them 100 dollars a bag to carry their bags to their rooms. Then he smiled and said "No, I'm not in favor of letting them work. Too much potential for cheating."

: I also happened to end up standing next to Barry on the sidelines at Ohio Stadium the year Braxton completed the pass to Devon Smith late in the game to win the game. He didn't realy know me from Adam, but when Braxton completed the pass he looked at me and his first thought was for Bret Bielema and what a crushing defeat this was. Barry added that "there isn't enough money in the world to get me back on that sideline to make a living."

: The third encounter was in an elevator in Chicago again for B1G media days. I got on the elevator in the morning and there stood Barry looking very pensive. "Something wrong coach?" I asked. "Yeah," he said, "My wife and my credit card just left for the Miracle Mile." Then he laughed.

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