He is about as good as one can be as an Air Craft Carrier Center (m)

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By Barrett777 on 12:14:24 04/06/21
[In reply to "So you don't like Cockburn? *" by ZEKE, posted at 11:53:20 04/06/21]

There is a reason that as freaky as he is with his size and athleticism combo that he is not listed in the top 50 projected NBA draft picks, and there was also no one resembling his profile in the F4.

In today's high level college and pro basketball you need to be able to defend the 3, preferably shoot 3's at a decent clip, and run the court. Cockburn can run the court, but is very limited on both ends 8 feet outside of the basket. OSU did a decent job defending him with double teams. Cockburn at this stage is not a good passer out of doubles, and also a poor FT shooter. Could not guard EJ out to 3 point line leaving him with wide open looks.

Would I take Cockburn? Yes for sure if we could do that in exchange for having a few other players who will not play much next year transfer out.

Really want to see a dynamic 6'8" to 6'10" Forward with inside and outside skills sign on to play for OSU next year. Not tons of those kinds out there, but that is #1 on my wish list.

BTW, Chet Holmgren would be an exception at 7'0" but with all sorts of inside and outside skills. Freak of freaks.

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