Not sure about that. Their bigs were more mobile and agile. He also would not want to play in a system (m)

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By Barrett777 on 12:31:51 04/06/21
[In reply to "I think he would be a starter at Baylor. THIS Baylor team. *" by ZEKE, posted at 12:19:13 04/06/21]

where he is not featured.

Baylor and Zaga both had 7 foot players on their bench who do not play much. Problem is very few 7 footers can get out and defend the 3.

Timme is highly mobile at 6'10" and an outstanding player, but he was put on ice by Baylor a lot with the high back screens. I did not like Gonzaga switching those high ball screens as much as they did since it resulted in Timme having to defend a lot of Baylor guards way out. He did as good of a job as possible for a Post player, but Baylor still took advantage.

Zaga and Baylor both switch on most ball screens since there players are so interchangeable. Cockburn is not that. You have to change up your system to take advantage of what he can do well, and also to protect him where he and the team are not exploited.

On this topic, one of the reasons Dickinson was mad at Maryland is because he felt they did not recruit him hard. Probably not without reason since Maryland's preferred style of play is to be more up and down and with 5 athletic players that can move.

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