he'd have to stop the exodus from his program first. WR Giles Jackson, an expected starter, was the latest to enter

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By jackhyde on 14:18:42 04/06/21
[In reply to "I would expect Harbaugh to show up in disguise snooping around WHAC (m)" by Barrett777, posted at 11:42:22 04/06/21]

the transfer portal. Harbaugh's program culture is toxic. that's why players are leaving and why Harbaugh cleaned house with his assistant coaches. You don't think players from other schools have heard about scUM's/Harbaugh's ineptitude?

: Find the disgruntled OSU football player walking out in the parking lot and snoop in with a bag full of AA dollars and promises.

: He would improve his recruiting if he started a transfer portal highway from the OSU football program to his program. He could start with the loser of the QB derby.

: Fill his team with OSU cast-offs, and they would combine with a chip on their shoulder to prove the Buckeyes wrong.

: It used to be Bo would fill his roster with as many top Ohio players as possible. They always played super hard when playing OSU. Given Harbaugh cannot get top HS Ohio kids to go up north, maybe he would have better success getting the castoffs from the football program to go north?

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