And loons are gonna loon.

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By Heisenbuck on 17:12:37 04/06/21
[In reply to "Fake basketball fans going to be fake. :-) (M)" by Barrett777, posted at 14:32:37 04/06/21]

: Bucks lose, they win. Get to opine on all of their expertise about a subject they really do not care much about.

: Bucks win, they sneak on the bus but stay kind of low waiting for the first speed bump or first obstacle in the road. Then they get more vocal acting like they cared and were passionate fans in the first place. Fake as fake.

: OSU basketball gets better respect from other B1G forums compared to most OSU forums. Reason is entitled and spoiled OSU football fans that cannot see the forest through the trees regarding basketball, or even OSU football if the Bucks are not right there with the top one or two teams every year.

: Same thing with wrestling now. Ryan won a NC 5 years ago, they are highly competitive in the B1G and nationally but now he is a shmuck and most things are crap because OSU is not Penn State in wrestling.

: Truth is if Penn State could trade their wrestling and women’s volleyball for OSU men’s football and basketball they would do it in a heartbeat and agree to wear OSU sports gear 6 months every year for the rest of their lives.

: Most Buckeye fans are flat spoiled and have zero historical perspective.

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