Saw Pryor in person against Oregon in the Rose Bowl. He had the "it" that day. Took hits, made big throws and runs,

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By moopdawg on 19:56:53 04/06/21
[In reply to "Not sure he had that 'it' to be great regardless of that..." by Brutus, posted at 18:52:51 04/06/21]

: ...some will say I'm a JTB hater/critic. Regardless of that IMO he got the absolute most out of what he had in him. He played to his near max of his ability and potential. The coaches used up every drop of him and he gave it his all.

: Pryor? Everything came so easy athletically it's pretty clear he didn't work on all the finer points to really become a great qb. To evolve from freak athlete to sick qb.

and made great decisions. Iced the game himself that day and made Oregon Duck fans cry. Looked good the following season...was showing improvement. However, made a bad off the field decision (lots of them from what many others say), and that caught up to him. But I think he had the work ethic on the field to be great. My opinion.

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