It was the Ed and Beck show. Also went from MT to James Clark, freshman Victor, converted RB Samuel as best WR (m)

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By Barrett777 on 20:53:32 04/06/21
[In reply to "Watching the 2016 Michigan replay on BTN. Forgot we looked like crap through 1Q, 2Q and most of 3Q. Glad that changed! *" by Brutus '92, posted at 17:31:50 04/06/21]

OSU also had major issues at RT and LG versus some of the top D’s and fronts they faced such as PSU, SCum, and Clemson. Prince as a Sophomore was a major work in progress at RT and all three of those top D’s exploited. Prince ended the year with the worst pass block grade at RT by PFF in the nation. Michael Jordan at LG was very good for freshmen standards, but not up to taking on top DL from these top D’s. Add freshman Mike Weber replacing EzE at RB.

It was a lot of things, yet OSU still beat what Urban called the best SCum D and team in his tenure at OSU. Grinded put the win. JTB went well over 100 yards rushing in spite of the many Sacks.

The 2016 team ended up overachieving given the issues at several levels on that team.

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