6 weight classes and using Diallo as one of your measuring sticks is calling this program (m)

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By Barrett777 on 21:05:04 04/06/21
[In reply to "I read the wrestling comments on this board. I don't recall anywhere close to the level you " by Smartwater, posted at 15:00:19 04/06/21]

: describe as it relates to the wrestling coach. There are recruiting holes and they wrestle, overall, poorly from bottom. That is about it for dissatisfaction. To use your terms, 125, 133, 157, 184, 197, and HWT were Justin Ahrens and Diallo this year. That is 60% of the weight classes, not 2 of 15 players. And still, no one has called Ryan a schmuck that I have seen. As you say, stay in your lane.

and wresting coach shmucks.

Diallo barely got in this year, and the few minutes he played the opponents took quick advantage. For the entire season he played 10 total minutes, and in that short time OSU was -10 points. I am not sure Diallo could start for Otterbein right now? At 7 foot, but lacking skills and coordination he was always a project. Seems like a very nice young man, but at this stage moving down to a much lower level would give him a chance to see the floor and have everything slow down.

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