It was a great look for the faith based school & it appeases the horde of angry woken warriors...

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By jdoncbus on 04:32:53 04/07/21
[In reply to "I like Drew for his backing of his whole team taking a knee together (m)" by Barrett777, posted at 14:58:10 04/06/21]

...what Scott Drew did at Baylor is impressive and how any adult can take shots at that program or the man himself, need to turn off ESPN, FoxSports, and sports talk radio/podcasts and grow up.

As I've aged, my fandom with sports like baseball and hoops have diminished, I think COVID added to it. Regardless, I watched 80% of the game and came away very impressed with Baylor & Gonzaga and hopefully my basketball interest recharged. Both teams played their collective asses off & competed with respect. I was the guy who was watching 8-22 seasons under Ayers, I hung with the entire O'Brien & Matta eras as well. I stuck with the first season under Holt and then I tailed off, it's time for me to grow up and keep watching what I love lol.

PS - GO REDS. My wife gasped when I turned the game on last night lol.

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