as for point 2...NIL is a huge change. massive. and it should benefit the larger programs...

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By Brutus on 05:20:52 04/07/21
[In reply to "James Franklin on ESPN’s KJ&Z this morning: (m)" by buckeyecurt, posted at 04:37:59 04/07/21]

...with big business and boosters supporting them.

overall though I can see why NIL has coaches uneasy. Generally they're control freaks and this is new and changing the game in a way that really none of them have experience in dealing with. It's a change and those coaches and programs that accept the situation, are nimble enough to get ahead of it instead of fighting against it and in essence support the changes that are here now should be the ones that see success.

: Two takeaways from his interview:

: 1. He’s wound really tight. He barked at the guest host (Bart Scott) one time with a “I don’t really know what you’re asking me?” response to a question. Things were a little uncomfortable from there on.

: 2. He is not a huge fan of Name, Image, & Likeness. Basically stating that schools with large booster networks will be able to funnel unlimited amounts of money to players & call it NIL payment when it really was just a recruiting payment. Now, he may be right about that, but wouldn’t his school be one of the booster networks large enough to benefit from that?

: This seems to be a much bigger issue for lesser programs, not the big ones. Also, Ryan Day & Urban Meyer have been much more supportive publicity of payment to players so it an interesting difference from Franklin.

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