Why not just formalize the professionalism of college sports?

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By OSU94 on 05:36:48 04/07/21
[In reply to "James Franklin on ESPN’s KJ&Z this morning: (m)" by buckeyecurt, posted at 04:37:59 04/07/21]

Everyone knows the SEC pays and probably every big time program

: Two takeaways from his interview:

: 1. He’s wound really tight. He barked at the guest host (Bart Scott) one time with a “I don’t really know what you’re asking me?” response to a question. Things were a little uncomfortable from there on.

: 2. He is not a huge fan of Name, Image, & Likeness. Basically stating that schools with large booster networks will be able to funnel unlimited amounts of money to players & call it NIL payment when it really was just a recruiting payment. Now, he may be right about that, but wouldn’t his school be one of the booster networks large enough to benefit from that?

: This seems to be a much bigger issue for lesser programs, not the big ones. Also, Ryan Day & Urban Meyer have been much more supportive publicity of payment to players so it an interesting difference from Franklin.

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