Find the full video. At one point, the bigger little skinny guy asks the smaller skinny guy (m)

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By 1$’s 2¢ on 11:26:56 04/07/21
[In reply to "Sooner player learns lesson (link) *" by WolfBuck, posted at 07:59:00 04/07/21]

"Which one do you want?"

Right then, you knew this was going to be fun.

Then the smaller skinny guy repositions himself against the bigger loudmouth guy. (Later, he smashes the bigger guy's head into the wall, knocking him out instantly.)

Another fun thing is the guy who exits the stall during the melee. He kinda gives a shout out to the little skinny guys as he passes by.

If you mess with strangers, you are eventually going to mess with the wrong stranger.

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