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By Brutus on 11:50:38 04/07/21
[In reply to "This was a good season for BBall Bucks and CH but not successful (m)" by BuckFan, posted at 10:00:40 04/07/21]

...your post isn't unreasonable other than the part about getting to at least the elite eight. I mean...that's just not easy. at least not every single year. same thing with competing for a national title. that's been very rare when OSU was loaded up to really make that kind of run.

4 years in and he's had teams that were a 5, 11 and 2 seed in the tourney. he's 2-3 with no S16 appearances and now one of the losses in a 2 vs 15 game. year 4 should be around when things are ramping up and instead the season ended with a dud. If people want to call it a fluke one off because of some kind of mitigating circumstances...ok fine.

4 years in and the team is 2nd, 8th, 5th and 5th in the B1G with his best season in year 1 not year 4. Not terrible not great. 31-29 the last 3 years in B1G play. that's right on the borderline of mediocre and becomes increasingly difficult to spin. O'Brien inherited a mess (and made his own). Was still in the FF in year 2. Matta cleaned up O'Brien's mess...NCAA runner up year 3. Ayers was terrible..S 16 and EE in years 2 and 3.

It's ok to recognize that Holt is behind the most recent predecessors in B1G conference play and NCAA tourney success.

Maybe he puts it all together and has more success than them from this point on?

That'd be great. It could easily happen.

But it's not a guarantee. And until it happens then it's ok to wonder about the future. Recruiting is looking better and who knows with the portal. things can change quickly.

But an OSU fan wanting more NCAA tourney success in's not an unreasonable thing to want/expect heading into year 5.

: The BBall Bucks performed well beyond what I (and pre-season polls) had expected. They ended up with a good season.

: I do not view it as a successful season because like Football, a successful OSU season is 1) Beat scUM 2) Win B1G 3) Compete for national championship.

: For BBall I would say get to at least Elite 8 for post season.

: I have to admit I am still not sold on CH as a championship level coach. I have concerns for his recruiting and his in-game coaching.

: I am looking forward to him proving me wrong and looking forward to the next BBall successful season.

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