I have an AFC champions ring, an NFC champions ring and two World Bowl rings (NFL Europe). That might be

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By Smartwater on 12:11:54 04/07/21
[In reply to "How much more fo you think the coaches and players care and work towards high goals vs anyone on this forum? (M)" by Barrett777, posted at 11:31:57 04/07/21]

close to 1/10 of what Holtmann has accomplished. Although I sure wish I had been on a Super Bowl winner and would gladly give up the other titles for one of those. But, yes, I get what you are saying. Fans are crazy and have sky high, unrealistic expectations. It can be way out of whack. But, maybe Holtmann or Day works a little less hard if those fan expectations were not there driving them to do more. Maybe Smith compromises on his hiring if the alumni and fans didn't drive success so hard. And, no one puts a gun to their head to take the job. Holtmann understands the expectations, realistic or not, at OSU. He could have stayed at Gardner Webb if he didn't want the challenge and the expectations that come with OSU. Hell, if he ever gets the UK job, OSU will be a spring stroll down the Champs-Elysees. And still, fans be crazy in their expectations.

: Do you think there is a single person on this board that has accomplished 1/10 as much in sports compared to Holt or the key players?

: Do you think anyone on this forum has 1/10 the ability or knowledge than the coaches to get OSU into F4’s beyond?

: If fans would set goals half as high for themselves and their own families and hold themselves to the same strict standards the world would be a far better place.

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