You'd be right if an actual free market set the value for NIL, but it won't. Someone is worth whatever someone wants

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By Nashville on 18:43:25 04/07/21
[In reply to "For as big as the school and alumni base are the remoteness of PSU geographically will limit NIL sponsorship*" by BPB, posted at 05:39:06 04/07/21]

to pay and it's pretty easy to envision a way for boosters to legally pay recruits.

Here's one example: Suppose Auburn boostaers got together and decided that they'd produce a ‘limited edition’ football card set of their incoming recruits. You could sell 100 sets for $10,000. For a total of $1M. Then you could give each of 25 recruits $40,000.

Who’d buy the football card set? The same boosters that are currently giving money to the Athletic Department and also providing slush fund money on the side. Who's gonna police that? How can you say that the cards aren't fair market value if they're limited and 100 willing buyers set the price @ $10,000?

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