Bama is focused. They have 640 total student athletes vs. 1038 for OSU.

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By Buckmich on 11:07:25 04/30/21
[In reply to "The fact that Alabama will most likely be able to draft a starting lineup in the NFL after this draft is" by nutmegs, posted at 08:44:35 04/30/21]

: They have 17 head coaches to 32 head coaches at OSU. They use the $$$ saved by not having an abundance of non-revenue sports to hire analysts, quality control coordinators or administrative assistants (whatever you want to call them) for their top revenue sport. They develop players from all angles as well as scout the opposition.

Last year, OSU had more revenue than Alabama but also had a lot more expenses. Interesting the net gain was $26M for each school's Sports programs.

Success brings in blue chip talent. The cycle continues.

Bang for the Buck !

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