Bama Fan has to be struggling with this one (m)

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By Ivo Shandor on 09:55:43 05/03/21
[In reply to "Rich get richer. William transferred to Bama *" by SylvaniaBuck, posted at 08:49:52 05/03/21]

On one hand, they've got to love picking up such a speedy talent with alot to prove -- he will help them and catch alot of touchdowns next year. My opinion.

On the other hand, if this guy can't get into OSU's rotation, and even freshmen are beating him out, Bama Fan has to admit that OSU is deeper and better at something, and moreso that OSU fans aren't really upset about losing him, then paints them as catching one of our "castoffs" (not my opinion, just perception)

But if he balls out, then they can say Alabama staff was better able to develop him or use his talents.

Bama fan has to be struggling -- "Do I celebrate this?" "Do I downplay this?" "I like it but I'm not allowed to like it too much"

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