Did you see some of the blocks and dunks? Reminded me of the Greek Freak or throwback to P. Ewing & Ralph Sampson (m)

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By Barrett777 on 17:12:05 05/03/21
[In reply to "7’ 6” wingspan *" by HithemhardNchowtheyfall, posted at 16:37:24 05/03/21]

He is a 22 year old version of Chet Holmgren. Holmgren has the upside advantage only being 18, but Onu is a GAM right now.

6'11" and 240 pounds. 40% from 3, great on pick and pops or pick and awesome dunks, can drive and make spin moves if defender gets to close guarding, fast up and down the court, and is a good FT shooter.

As said in the OP, have no idea how he would not be drafted? Maybe the NBA has enough doubt with him being 22 now and only competing versus NAIA, but few players anywhere can do the things he can do. One year at a major school where he would help take them deep in the Tourney and he would remove all doubts.

If for only 1 year between Onu or Holmgren I would take Onu. For sole reason he is 4 years older, already played against older and stronger players, and outweighs Holmgren by 40 to 50 pounds. Holmgren's upside is through the roof, but he has a lot of maturing yet to go.

OSU could run some lethal 2-3 with Onu, Liddell, and any combination of Kyle, Brunk, or Key. If Liddell does come back which I expect he will, would expect his outside skills to be much better. If so he could play some 3. Onu can play 4 or 5. Same with Kyle. Key and Brunk solely at the 5. Sueing as the other 3.

The depth on OSU's team would be better the any I can ever remember. Practices would be highly competitive.

Could mix and match for any opponent with that roster. Ahrens is always there as a Zone buster. Could go big, small, defensive, offensive, run, man to man or zone.

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