What is interesting about that is ESPiN had a lot of the B1G games up to that point. Herbie was a school (m)

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By Barrett777 on 18:19:48 05/03/21
[In reply to "Huh! Same as age of B1G network. What a coincidence! *" by vor (champion), posted at 17:55:26 05/03/21]

in 2006 for SCum to play OSU for a NC.

That was the first time I remember observing the politics between the different networks for who should play in the NC game. Danielson has been an ABC/ESPiN analyst for years, but when he want to CBS he became a huge SEC homer sitting next to Verne.

ESPiN still covered the B1G after that 2006 season, but the shift in number of games they covered of the B1G versus the number for the SEC tilted in the other direction for the first time.

With each passing year ESPiN got more and more behind the SEC. The B1G network seemed like a threat to its business? It eventually led to ESPiN and the SEC forming the SEC Network in 2014. At that point it was an open war.

The B1G might have won the $$$ war with their model, but the SEC won the hearts and minds by controlling ESPiN's messaging.

Florida State, Miami of Florida, USC, PAC12, and even Texas became lesser players on the national scene once ESPiN started dancing with the SEC.

Maybe indirectly the B1G forced the ESPiN/SEC marriage and the rest is now history?

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