The BIG and Pac hage started during the bowl alliance era

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By nospreaddefense on 20:57:15 05/03/21
[In reply to "SEC has had the most players drafted in the NFL draft 15 years in a row (m)" by Barrett777, posted at 17:29:00 05/03/21]

:the hate for our two conference started in the bowl alliance we. Reason psu got screwed out of a natty in 94 and acum has to share one in 97. .

The timing of that streak dates back to the timeframe of the disaster in the desert to Florida.

: Every single team in the SEC had a player drafted this year.

: We all hate the SEC, but metrics like that are hard to refute.

: This year the SEC vs B1G breakdown:

: 12 to 7 First round (SEC)

: 9 to 4 Second Round (SEC)

: 7 to 9 Third Round (B1G)

: 8 to 2 Fourth Round (SEC)

: 38 to 22 over the first four rounds (SEC)

: OSU is the only team that is challenging the SEC on a consistent basis up north. Clemson the only ACC school doing the same. in the SEC it is Bama, Georgia, and then another team or two that pops up like a LSU or Florid every year that is loaded and a top team.

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